The United Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) was set up in 1997 by families who had lost loved ones at the hands of the state to challenge the injustice in the system. It began as a network of black families because disproportionate numbers of black people were dying in police custody. It is now grown as a group that supports all families of the victims of custodial deaths.

Every year, since 1999, the UFFC holds an annual remembrance procession from Trafalgar Square to Downing Street (on the last Saturday in October) to remember loved ones who have died in custody. The UFFC network includes the families of: Leon Patterson, Roger Sylvester, Rocky Bennett, Harry Stanley, Sean Rigg, Habib ‘Paps’ Ullah, Azelle Rodney, Christopher Alder, Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner, Paul Jemmott, Ricky Bishop, Mikey Powell, Jason McPherson, Sarah Campbell, Jimmy Mubenga, Paul Coker, Mark Duggan and many others. We believe:

  • That failure of State officials to ensure the basic right to life is made worse by the failure of the State to prosecute those responsible for custody deaths.
  • That failure to prosecute those responsible for deaths in custody sends the message that the State can act with impunity.

UFFC demands:

  • Fundamental reform of the IPCC to ensure open robust transparent and 
thorough investigations into police deaths in custody from the very outset of the death.
  • Prison deaths be subject to a system of investigation that is independent of the Prison Service.
  • Immediate interviewing of officers and all officials concerned with the death.
  • Officers and officials should not be allowed to ‘collude’ over their evidence and 
statements of fact.
  • Officers involved in custody deaths be suspended until investigations are completed.
  • Prosecutions should automatically follow ‘unlawful killing’ verdicts and officers responsible for deaths should face criminal charges, even if retired.
  • Legal Aid and full disclosure of information be made available to the relatives of 


Join us for this years annual remembrance procession which takes place on Saturday 31 October 2015. Assemble at 12pm at Trafalgar Square for a march on Downing Street. Check out our Facebook page nearer the time for further updates.

Twitter: @UFFCampaign
Email: contactuffc@gmail.com
Phone: 07770 432 439

UFFC is supported by 4WardEver, Migrant Media, INQUEST, UNISON, RMT, FBU, UNITE, Tottenham Rights, London Campaign Against Police & State Violence, LARAG, NMP, Pan African Society Community Forum, Institute of Race Relations, Edge Fund and Defend The Right To Protest