Mobile Justice California

The #CaravanForJustice isn’t just about sharing stories, exposing truths and shifting hearts; it’s about movement, and movements require engagement, action and tools.

One tool is Mobile Justice CA, a smartphone application that helps people assert their constitutional right to film law enforcement activity and keep officers accountable.  

The app has three main functions: Record, Report and Witness.

  • Record. Users can film an encounter with law enforcement. Once the recording has ended, a copy is delivered to a secure database maintained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and a copy is also saved to the user’s phone.
  • Report. The report is a direct channel to the ACLU’s legal team. Users are encouraged to fill the report survey with important details like the officer’s name and badge number, location and a full description of the incident.
  • Witness. If a user enables their GPS in the phone’s settings, other app users within a 3-mile radius will be notified when and where recording is in progress. 

The app also features the ACLU’s full library of Know Your Rights information including rights of students, LGBTQ individuals, immigrants and more, as well as an Alerts tab that notifies app users of timely actions, petitions and events in the region. 

Developed by the ACLU of California, Mobile Justice CA has reached over 160,000 users since its launch last May. The app is available free in English and Spanish, on iOS and Android phones. 

By Marcus Benigno, @mfbenigno

Marcus Benigno is new media strategist at the ACLU of Southern California in Los Angeles. The ACLU of California is a sponsor of the #CaravanForJustice.